About GO Kickball

We make Cornhole a relaxed and social activity for all.

GO Cornhole is a Live Life Fun Experience and at LiveLifeFun.com, we believe life is better done together in a fun, relaxed, social community. GO Cornhole is designed with that in mind. GO Cornhole is for everyone from veteran cornholers to those tossing a bag for the first time. We provide divisions so that each person has a great experience and plays another team of similar skill – our divisions are Beginner, Intermediate, Intermediate+, and Advanced.

GO Cornhole games are well organized, competitively matched, yet light-hearted, depending on the Division you choose. The games are care-free, albeit there is the occasional adrenaline rush and exhilaration as the spirit of competition creeps in, but in the end all players are bumping fists with a friendly ‘good game’ sigh! And for the Advanced players, we match you up against some of the best so you can challenge yourself and go for the title in your city, your state, and even nationally!

Throughout the season, we all live life fun. LifeLifeFun.com – experience happiness.

How GO cornhole started

GO Cornhole is a Live Life Fun Experience that originated in 2012 as a “fun side game” played during GO Kickball games – it’s sister company. The founders of GO Kickball noticed that the fun, relaxed, yet competitive game of Cornhole was the perfect complement to GO Kickball. That fun side game has become a hit, and we are having even more fun operating and playing GO Cornhole leagues and tournaments today!

GO Cornhole and GO Kickball among other sports and activities have led to the founding of LiveLifeFun.com, which is focused on providing well organized sports, activities, and events to experience happiness!

Experience happiness with us – it’s much more fun doing life together!