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What is GO Cornhole?

Co-ed Adult Cornhole Leagues & Tournaments

GO Cornhole provides co-ed adult (21+) Cornhole leagues where you test your Cornhole skills against players of your same level with our seasonal leagues played year-round! It's a fun and active way to play Cornhole, hang with your friends, meet new people, enjoy a cold beverage and some friendly competition, and Live Life Fun!

GO Cornhole provides leagues and tournaments nationally across many cities – find a league in your City (above). If we are not in your City yet, click “Start a League” to learn how to bring GO Cornhole leagues to your area.

The Active Life

Co-ed adult Cornhole

Have fun while active

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced levels

The Social Life

Hang with friends + Meet new people

Relaxed, hip, connected

It's where your friends are

Live Life Fun

Eat, drink, play

Learn, laugh, love

Experience happiness

GO Cornhole League

GO Cornhole is Active and Social

GO Cornhole is a fun, co-ed, sport and social experience played each season. From being active and outdoors to hanging with friends and meeting new people at the league bars and events, GO Cornhole is an all-inclusive experience that includes:

  • 7 Weeks of Cornhole Fun, Including Playoffs
  • Boards, Bags, and Playing Arena Provided
  • Weekly Beverage and Food Features/Discounts
  • Personalized Online Registration and Game Management Experience
  • Official GO Cornhole League T-shirt + Premium Style Options
  • Chance to Win Prize Packs from Sponsors
  • All Teams Qualify for League Playoffs
  • State & National “Cornament” for Qualifying Teams
  • End-of-Season Player Appreciation

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Play with A Purpose

  • $2.45 M (Since 2006)
  • $3 M (Goal by 2026)

Live Life Fun Together

GO Cornhole is a Live Life Fun Experience and at, we believe life is better done together in community. Everyone goes through highs and lows, but what makes it worthwhile is experiencing it with friends and family. Whether helping friends or giving back through our time, our effort, and our money, the Live Life Fun community stands as a family making the most of life together being active, being social, being happy. – experience happiness.

Causes Served is intentional each year to serve our players and those in need. Here are some of the many causes we have served through our time, efforts, and fundraising across our communities: